How to get driving license in Dubai

How to get driving license in Dubai

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has established a specific protocol that must be followed in order to obtain a Dubai driving license. Here is a general breakdown of the procedures:

Get Driving License In Dubai Procedure

Obtain a residency visa: You need a valid resident visa in Dubai before you can apply for a driving license. Make sure your visa is current and not about to expire if you are a resident.

Attend driving lessons: Dubai mandates that all new drivers complete a course of lessons and training. You must enroll in and participate in both theoretical and practical training sessions at a licensed driving school. You will be led through the procedure and given the required study materials by the driving school.

How to get a learner’s permit After finishing the necessary driving lessons, Applying for a learner’s permit is possible. To submit the required paperwork, which includes a copy of your passport, a residency visa, an Emirates ID, an eye exam report, and passport-sized photos, go to a Dubai RTA service center or an authorized driving school. Pay the learner’s permit fee and present any further paperwork that may be needed.

Attend theory lectures: You must go to the driving school’s theory lectures as part of your instruction. Depending on your level of driving expertise and the type of vehicle you plan to drive, a different number of lectures may be necessary.

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Pass the theory exam: After finishing the theory lectures, you must pass a theory examination given by the RTA. The test will assess your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, and driving regulations. Take the time to thoroughly study the provided information and prepare for the test.

After passing the theory test, you’ll receive practical instruction from a driving instructor. Based on your development and the instructor’s assessment, you will need to attend a certain number of practical training sessions. You will learn vital driving techniques and acquire experience on the roads during the practical training.

Pass the practical test: You can schedule a driving test with the RTA if your driving instructor says you’re ready. The test measures how well you can control the car, adhere to traffic laws, and drive defensively. You will proceed to the following stage if you pass the test.

To get your driver’s license, go to the RTA after passing the practical test to submit an application for a license to drive. Send in the required paperwork, which should include your learner’s permit, test results, your Emirates ID, and two passport-size photos. Pay the license fee and any other fees that may be due.

Obtain your driver’s license: Your license will be delivered to you once the application procedure has been finished and all payments have been made. On the same day that you receive your license, you can start driving legally in Dubai.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the procedure could change slightly based on your unique situation and the driving school you select. It is recommended to contact a recognized driving school in Dubai or check the official RTA website for the most up-to-date and correct information regarding the method and prerequisites for obtaining a driving license.

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